General Terms and Conditions of Sale 

Camping Les Vernières*****

1/ Our Services

Bare pitch

This consists of a bare pitch for your tent, caravan or mobile home.

Your stay shall be calculated based on a set amount that includes the pitch, the person(s) expected according to the offer selected, your installation, your vehicle and access to the infrastructures with regard to reception, activities and sanitary facilities. The additional costs (additional person, vehicle, pets, etc.) are not included in the package and will be added to the latter.

Contact the campsite of your choice to know until what age the stays are free as well as the terms required for booking a bare pitch.

Nature: Pitch for 2 people, 1 mobile home or 1 car with a tent or a caravan

Comfort: Nature offer + electricity

Rented Accommodation

Our prices include the people (according to the capacity of the accommodation), water, gas, electricity, a vehicle, access to the infrastructures in terms of reception, activities and sanitary facilities.

Your accommodation must be put back in order at the time of your departure.

Your wishes for a precise pitch or accommodation at the campsite can be met according to our availability at the time of your arrival.

Delivery keys

It shall be between 16h00 to 19h00.

Related Activities

All the activities mentioned in this document, whether free or for a fee, may be in certain circumstances independent of our will modified or cancelled when you arrive at the campsite. In this case, we cannot be held responsible for such an occurrence.

Extra charges

Whatever the package selected, additional costs will be invoiced for additional vehicles, additional tents, pets or visitors.

Our prices, exclusive of tax, do not include the local tourist tax. The tax shall be invoiced along with your accommodation. It is to be paid on the same due dates. It cannot be modified or refunded on your arrival at the campsite. And for other charges, they are to be paid along with the balance of your stay.

2/ Payment for the Stay


Modes of payment accepted

As a deposit or balance, you can pay for your booking or your stay using the following payment methods:

By French bank cheque,cash order, bank card.

Terms of Payment

All requests for a firm booking from the buyer must be indicated in writing and be provided with the following:

  • Payment of a deposit including 30% of the costs of the stay
  • And the payment for cancellation insurance (when taken out).

This booking is only of contractual value when the buyer has received a booking confirmation issued by the campsite.

The balance of the stay must be paid 30 days before the stay begins at the latest. In the case where the balance has not been paid on the deadlines indicated, the booking shall be considered as cancelled, and the cancellation terms indicated below shall apply.

3/ Last minute booking


Any booking made within a period of 30 days before the date of departure must be paid in full, using a bank card only.

4/ Late arrival or early departure


In case of a late arrival or early departure, with respect to the dates mentioned on your booking voucher, the total amount of the stay shall remain due. You shall not be entitled to claim any refund for the part of the stay not actually used.

5/ No arrival at the campsite

In the case where no one comes to the campsite within a period of 48 hours from the beginning of your stay, and without any proof and/or news of your arrival, we shall be able to reallocate your accommodation. We shall keep the fees as per our cancellation terms.

6/ Cancellation

Due to the buyer:

All cancellations must be notified by post, which shall go into effect on the date of receipt of the letter.

  • More than 30 days before arrival, the amount of the deposit shall be kept by the campsite.
  • Less than 30 days before your arrival, the total amount of the rented accommodation, booking fees and insurance fee shall be kept.

For possible damages, we ask you to take out cancellation or stay interruption insurance at the time of your booking.

Due to the campsite:

If the Flower campsite is obliged to cancel its rental of a bare pitch and/or rented accommodation at any campsite whatsoever that appears in this brochure, any contracting party having received its confirmation of stay, shall be informed by registered letter and reimbursed in full for the amount it has paid.

7/ Deposit


For rented accommodation, you will be requested to pay a deposit of 500 EUR on your arrival, which will be returned to you at the end of the stay, no later than eight days by post from the date of your departure.

The campsite reserves the right to keep part or the total amount of the deposit in case of deterioration of the accommodation and its contents and/or facilities at the campsite.

The campsites also reserve the right to deduct the amount of 50 EUR to pay for costs of cleaning not carried out at the time of departure.


8/ Minors


Minors not accompanied by their parents cannot be accepted at all the Flower campsites.
Only some campsites authorize minors under certain conditions (parental certificates, etc.).

9/ Pets


As a general rule, dogs and cats, except for dogs of category 1 and 2, shall be admitted to the Flower campsites on pitch, only dogs -15hg shall be admitted on accomodation. Only some campsites do not admit pets.

We require dogs to be kept on a lead within the campsites. Please comply with the rules for hygiene and the environment at the host campsite.

The walks for the small needs will be made outside of the campsite.

The noise pollutions are not tolerated. On no account dogs will be left alone in the rental accommodation or on the pitch.

The health certificate must be presented at the time of your arrival at the campsite. Anti-rabies booster vaccinations and tattoo certificates are compulsory.

10/ Claims

Any possible claim with respect to a stay must be specified in writing and sent by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt within 20 days following your stay.