A bit of history…

Before the mid-14th century, La Bourboule, which owes its name to the celtic god, “Borvo” (god of the springs) was just a little village: les Bains de Murat-le-Quaire. It became a town in its own right in 1875. But its origins go back way further, since the start of its thermal activity goes back to the Gallo-Roman era.

More definitely, around 1450 the first bathhouse, with its rustic wooden bathtubs, was built at the foot of the granite knoll, the “Roche des fées.”

The resort’s reputation began in 1814, with the construction of the first thermal establishment. 1854 was a decisive year, thanks to the discovery of the waters’ thermal properties: everyone then dreamt of harnessing their spring, and a veritable war of the wells began, before resulting in the construction of the Choussy establishment in 1872. In 1877, “Les Grands Thermes” was opened. Big name guests were then common at the resort: the Queen of Romania, Buster Keaton, King Farouk of Egypt, Sacha Guitry…

Découverte du patrimoine architectural

Hôtel de ville 

This former Casino des Thermes (1891) also known as the Cariatides, in reference to the Greek goddesses who are holding up the balcony on the façade, is home to the Mayor’s office, the Tourist Office, the Post Office, and the Theatre. It is characterized by its Italianate towers and a two-tone tile roof. Inside, the main stairway, made of cast iron, rests on a complex set of pillars made of trachyandesite and basket-handle arches. The pediments of the doors on the second floor landing, very ornate, are topped by a set of overdoors painted on canvas in 1893.

The Casino 

This majestic building is the result of several construction campaigns. The left wing (the oldest part) dates from 1892. The extension work began in 1928: symmetry is respected, a balcony resting on columns adds to the length, the elevations are decorated with gold embellished mosaics with floral motifs.

The current slot-machine room is the best conserved original room: stucco decors, column capitals, pilasters…representing motifs inspired by the 17th century. In the grand hall, two cupolas on pendentives cover the significant volume of the entryway and the mezzanine. In the art deco style, the geometric decor in places is reminiscent of oriental calligraphy.

Boulevard Georges Clemenceau 

This has always been the festive heart of the city: large esplanades, patios, facades that are sometimes art deco, sometimes neoclassical, sometimes a bit baroque; that’s the eclectic style specific to spa towns, which borrows from every era (many villas are a testament to this). The Hôtel de l’Etablissement and the Résidence des Ambassadeurs which cover and enclose the avenue have the same characteristics : turrets and watchtowers in the troubadour style. The music kiosk rules over the centre of Joffre square. Opposite, you can admire the facade of the former Rozier pastry shop (1922), covered with mosaics in blues, ochre, and whites (motifs on the first floor to the glory of water, repetitive geometric figures on the ground floor) as well as a superb loggia, and listed on the supplemental inventory of Historical Monuments.

Eglise Saint Joseph 

Built between 1885 and 1888 using white lava agglomerated with various volcanic materials, it is reminiscent of the style of the Roman churches of Auvergne (magnificent capitals with foliage, figures, or histories in polychromatic pastel tones).

Explore the city

Guided tour of the city

A tour to discover the city’s architectural and thermal heritage.
Curiosities, history, and anecdotes about the resort.

Little train tour

This tour of the city will introduce you to the Casino, the Boulevard Clémenceau, and the banks of the Dordogne.

La Bourboule, the more natural family resort

Famille Plus

This is a national label. It is intended to increase the prestige of destinations that have initiated a global approach in favor of welcoming families.

Services for families

Baby changing: changing tables in the restrooms in City Hall and Fenestre park.

Meeting points in the city of La Bourboule.

Equipment and care items for children: Simply Market, Boulevard des Vernières, UTILE, Quai Féron, SPAR, 145 Place du Souvenir, INTERMARCHE, Avenue Maréchal Leclerc and pharmacies.

Baby equipment rental (baby carriers, strollers, high chairs, cribs).).

Ski equipment rental for kids.

Kids area (table, benches, colouring) at the La Bourboule tourist office.

Information for families

Le Marmotte Mag

Free newspaper for kids, available at the tourist office.

Clear display

of useful numbers, activities for families, visible from outside.

In the Bienvenue Sancy welcome guide available at the tourist office when you arrive

specific pages for families summarising the whole offering, top tips, and essential information, restaurants, or Famille Plus labelled activities.

The cross-country skiing fee

is free for children under -6.
Advantage for families, both parents only pay the fee for the eldest of their children (e.g., if there are 2 parents + 5 kids, only the parents and the first child pay, the four others are free).

Halte garderie Les Gribouilles day nursery

Children aged 2 months to 4 years old
Tel: 04 73 81 00 68

Fenestre park recreation centre  

Children aged 4 to 12 years old
Tel: 04 73 81 13 50 – 04 73 81 31 00

Activities to experience as a family

Specific activities and theme weeks

for families are held during the Summer and Winter seasons, and they are easily identifiable by the Famille Plus symbol.
In the tourist office, you will find a blackboard announcing the family activity or information of the day.

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